Nightingale Restaurant & Bar recently opened up in the cool but very laid-back area of Greenwich Village in New York City. Serving American 'new' style classics and lush cocktails. Open late it offers a hip atmosphere within a interesting mix of craft and kitsch decor. Using floral wallpaper with bird illustrations by Varvara Kurakina hidden around to a large bird cage with a neon heart inside.

Concept: Although we were influenced by the restaurants name we wanted to look deeper into what was the fascination with this bird. One discovery that resonated with us the most! was from the 18th century where there was a large trade in nightingales trapped and caged as ornamental birds, but few lived for long in captivity and none ever sang the sweet songs they had become famous for. So the "Love Free" motif was created to symbolize freedom and tie with the areas liberal history of peace and tolerance. The door is always open, the heart is protected and the bird is free.

Deliverables include: Research + brand identity, signage, website, menus, drinks coasters and bespoke wallpaper design.

Inspiration taken from the illusion performed by Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow. Was a direct influence for our coaster design. This Georgian parlour trick just felt right given the truth behind the "love free" motif.
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Brand and design by My Creative: (UK)
Brand and strategy with SaintUrbain (NYC)
Web design by Alex Ostroff (NYC)
Illustrations by Varvara Kurakina

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