Tealith: Bold, Creative, fresh and FUN! These are pillars on which the Tealith brand is built. Not to mention their passion for the product. Bubble Tea specialists with thousands of exciting drink combinations served across the South of England & Wales in 7 different locations.  

The iconic wordmark marries up the “Bubbly” nature of Tealith. These gorgeous round curvy shapes will quickly be recognized anywhere as “that’s Tealith”. It is associated with emotions like passion, fun and excitement. Demonstrating that Tealith has the same passion for fresh drinks as the customers do.  Using a friendly rounded font set to compliment the graphic. The logotype crafted also has a sense of character and a bit of Bubble culture about it. A friendly freehand style that could have been produced by a thick brush.  

My Creative worked with Tealith to rebrand to a new bold and positive image. Creating a range of touchpoints for shopfront and packaging as well as a detailed brand guidebook. A simple-to-follow but comprehensive manual that would help install the new brand.  
Thank you. If you would like to know more about My or are interested in collaborating in a new venture please visit us at our Instagram / Twitter or Email to set up a meeting.

Brand & Design Ewan Leckie

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