Highland Cinema was set to open its doors in May 2020. But in September after a wee bump in the road called "Covid"! A exciting addition to the Fort William's high street is now finally open. This modern, purpose-built filmhouse is styled on a traditional croft with iconic red iron roof.

This became the main inspiration for the logo, as we wanted to quickly turn the cinema into a strong local landmark that everyone would identify with. My Creative also brought this concept to life with a bit of motion, using film perforations to animate the corrugated iron roof.  Adding to this with a series of animated point of sales icons that could be used throughout the cinemas promotions on and offline. 

Deliverables included: Branding strategy, logo mark, Identity system, illustration, custom typeface, menu design, awning & canopy, print collateral, exterior signage, merchandise & packaging design.
The film perforations or sprocket holes became a motif across the brand identity. That was used on the buildings windows in place of the standard Glass Manifestations. As well as the menu pages and other touchpoints.
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Brand, animation and design by Ewan Leckie
at My Creative

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