The Ranald Hotel is the first of a group of quality metro hotels based in Scotland. This was Oban's only purpose built hotel in decades, ushering in a new era of modernity whilst keeping a distinctive local flavor.

My:creative were commissioned to design a brand that would marry up both a feeling of Scottish traditional comfort with contemporary simplicity and the dynamic service associated with metro hotels. Another factor to consider was the longevity as the brand would have to work not only for the Ranald hotel but as an umbrella brand for future hotels planed like the Ramsay, the Rabbie and the Raia hotels. A distinctive R and A motif was created as a foundation to represent their goals.

To achieve these aspects we crafted an interweaving logo mark and set of unique room numbers that took influence from tartan and tweed weaving patterns. This was held together in a strong and modern design, that along with the mono spaced typeface give it a contemporary edge.

Thank you.
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