Scallastle Farm is a 450 acre smallholding on the Isle of Mull, run by Naomi along with her three children. Working hard, on a part time basis, they built the farm back up to an operational farming business. The family started off with five young heifer calves from the nearby Island of Luing and have now built up a thirty strong herd. The farm also hosts small folds of goats and pigs and now produces high quality venison from the surrounding hills.

Solution: As all their animals are outdoor reared throughout their life and as free range as its possible to get! We agreed to build the whole visual identity on this fact with back & white photography focusing on the wild grass meadows the livestock graze on. Paired with a simple logotype and butchers stamp style mark to convey the produce in a calm and sophisticated way.

Packaging: A simple 'one size fit all' labelling system was designed to be used for all products. Cutting down on work load and print costs.

Deliverables include: Research + brand identity, road signage design, packaging, labelling system, stationary, uniform apparel, website and photography.

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Scallastle Farm: Website
Photography: Ewan Leckie

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