Chip a real up-and-coming New York based cookie contender. Now a well loved favourite of the city, busy, queues lining up to try their seasonal creations and classic Chip cookies. 

To expand they needed a complete brand overhaul to link up their Cookies & Cream brand with their new Chip Ice Cream stores, popping up in Queens and Brooklyn. Ensuring consistency across all aspects of brand and packaging. We also worked on expanding their marketing visuals for social media and wider business development.

Our mission was to recreate the simpleness of a favourite childhood treat and bring those memories flooding back! no matter what age you are.

Their uniquely shaped gooey cookies were a direct influence on the logo mark design. We also wanted to base our message around nostalgia. Invoking the golden days of summer, riding your bike all day, playing baseball in the street or the N64 with friends only stopping for Milk and hot Cookies! Childhoods are different for each generation but cookies are always there. The real American dream!
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Brand and design by my: (UK)

Brand and strategy with SaintUrbain (NYC)

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