Electronic Glasgow A growing collective formed in 2018 to promote and celebrate the city's electronic music culture. With a wide range of world famous clubs and live venues, a strong history for breaking underground DJs and bands, as well as a long list of influential record labels. Glasgow has become a destination for a new type of international tourist. 

The identity was both simple and hard hitting. Representing an electronic On/Off setting or the digital pulse of the city in a pure form. It had to be clear from distance on a stage, still sharp when squeezed onto the footer of a flyer or eye catching as a social media profile.
Deliverables include: Brand identity, logo design, posters design, promotional flyer, street banner and animated online content. #FreedomToDance #ElectronicGlasgow
Thank you. If you would like to know more about my:creative or are interested in collaborating in a new venture please visit us at  Twitter / Instagram or Email

Electronic Glasgow: Instagram

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