Tasca, a newly launched Spanish-Caribbean restaurant in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Cooking up Caribbean flavours with a strong Spanish influence. Their brief was to design a flexible brand that would pair both a high end dining experience with a more casual bar atmosphere serving tapas & wine. While conveying the roots of the Latin Caribbean islands and their vibrant culture, in a modern, warm and sophisticated way.
We explored the islands of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba to try and find something unique that could symbolise each island as well as link them with their Spanish and Taino history. Looking into the rich botanical diversity we found each country had it's own national flower and also a key fact that Limes were introduced to the Caribbean by Spanish voyagers. Now widely cultivated all over South American and synonyms with Caribbean cooking!

To bring this concept to life we Illustrated each flower by taking influence from early botanist and explorers note books. The bright bold colours we introduced were to convey the warmth and hospitality to be found at the restaurant. Making for a welcoming and positive brand identity with a unique talking point, if any customer cared to look deeper?

Deliverables include: Research + brand identity, signage design, illustration, menu system, drinks coasters, restaurant design, wallpaper mural, match box and promotional items.
Hidden within the large botanical wall murals is the El Coqui a tiny frog native Puerto Rico. As well as a few other species of butterfly and beetle.
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Website: tasca
Brand and design by My Creative: (UK)
Logo Design & Illustration by Ewan Leckie
Brand strategy with SaintUrbain 
Photography by Liz Clayman (New York)

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