Panang is a casual dine, street style Thai restaurant and bar. Serving small plates & cocktails unique to Glasgow. The newest culinary destination to join the city centre's vibrant community on St.Vincent Street.

There is scarcely a Thai dish that is not sold by a street vendor, hawker or at a market somewhere in Thailand. They bring together offerings that rival that of the best restaurants, from quick stir fries to michelin star crab omelettes and so much more. At Panang they have scoured the entire country to bring the customers a little piece of Thailand, cooking from all regions of the country.

My Creative took their lead from this, focusing on the rich diversity of Thailand as a melting pot for our design. Taking influence from the Bangkok streets and playing it off against the pure white sand & palm beaches. Creating an ecliptic parricide holiday vibe. Bye-passing the corporate approach of a standard logo and colour palette. Instead we created a range of logos and holiday t-shirt style logomarks that could be interchanged. So nothing was taken too seriously!  The design is busy, loud and bold. Mixing neon & floral with a little retro nostalgia thrown in.  Most notably, the vintage holiday images & stamped postcards presented to customers to write a little message home or send to a friend via the Panang Post box.
We hope that all visitors feel like they're on holiday at Panang, an escape from the norm! to perhaps forget about it all for a few hours. We wish we were here!   

Deliverables include: Research + brand identity, sign design, shopfront elements, menu system, Logo design, cocktail labels, typography, uniform apparel and takeaway packaging

Thank you. If you would like to know more about my:creative or are interested in collaborating in a new venture please visit us at  Twitter / Instagram or Email

Brand and design by Ewan Leckie at My Creative:
Interior Design: Dominic Paul
Photography: NaomiVancePhotography (the good ones!)
Website: PANANG

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