Mezzidakia inspired by everything East Mediterranean, a melting pot of cultures that have crossed over for centenaries.  The flavours you will find here are inspired from the dishes of Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Persia and Greece, taking you on a culinary journey.

Designing a bespoke typeface and identity system on a our interpretation of Greek tile fret work and Arabesque patterns. Many of these are based on plant forms designed to avoid figurative objects and images. We developed the Mezzidakia brand on a simplified lemon shape and branch. Using this as a border and inlaid to the logotype and display type.

Working in collaboration with the lead interior designer Dominic Paul Together we commissioned hand painted signage for the shopfront and throughout the restaurant interior in wood and metal crafting to fit the interior with brand identity.

Deliverables included: Branding + Identity system, custom typeface, Interior elements, Exterior shopfront, Print Collateral, Merchandise & Packaging.
Thank you. If you would like to know more about my:creative or are interested in collaborating in a new venture please visit us at  Twitter / Instagram or Email

Brand and design by my:

Interior Design: Dominic Paul
Signwriting: Artisan Art Works
Website: Mezzidakia
Photography: Malcolm

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